Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Have some more images

Running motor in to bed down the brushes- after about 12 hours this quietened down a lot.

Adaptor plate and "lovejoy"coupling. Note that the original spider has been replaced prior to fitment with a higher durability Hytrel spider (A$105)

Dash board centre console. Red button (12v) turns on the relay for ceramic heater (144vDC)

Gearbox ready to mate to adaptor plate

Battery tray in boot- will take 11 x 100ah batteries.
Have mounted the spare wheel hold down (white piece) on angle to front face of frame so spare wheel will now mount on an angle behind rear seats

240vAC  inlet for battery charger where fuel filler used to be. Had to cut hole to fit & then construct using 50mm rubber pool hose down to 20mm electrical fitting to keep things waterproof as behind the inlet is the bare wheel , and therefore subject to road splashing etc.before it passes through into boot.


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