Sunday, 16 June 2013

Further machining necessary. Also a few more shots of the completed heater .

These photos begin with the shots of the adaptor plate . It turns  out to be 20mm too thick (motor to gearbox) , so I couldn't get the combination in the engine bay. So back to the engineer for more machining - second photo is the final plate clearly thinner. Also therefore the coupling needed to be reduced & now also getting extra grub screw holes put in one half of the coupling to lock the three parts together , so that when the motor coupling half is screwed to the key & shaft , it will all stay as one.
The other set of photos are the final shots after fabrication, and internal cabin electrical connection of the heater.
Lastly are early shots of the two under car battery trays . These will now house just 20 of the 100ah CALB batteries. 11 others in boot. 5 each beneath each seat and now need to put 4 in engine bay. (So I get the planned 144v ) 
You may remember this from previous - its the adaptor PLATE & COUPLING. Turns out it made everything 20mm too long!
Back to the engineer who machined 20mm off the plate and 11mm of one of the couplings so now the motor shaft sticks out. I cut this back - see next shot
Shaft shortened and locked onto shaft with grub screws fixing the key in the key way & another grub screw onto the shaft itself. note the holes in the three prongs -  

This half of the coupling also machined (inside) but now I recognise that this coupling will "float" and may over time work back on the gearbox spline  and wear the spigot face of the gear box down and increase the "slap" until eventually I may have to dismantle everything. Of course I could weld the two halves together but that would defeat the use of the nitrile element . What I have again done is back to the engineer - three new holes for grub screws in the motor mount ( photo above) and  to supply 3 screws for this coupling with a pointed end . All 6 screws will "bite" into the element & will hold this coupling back & not "slap"- hopefully!!!!
 a few more views of the completed heater mounted in the heater box. On the side I have mounted a micro switch in the circuit so that the heater won't come on, if the inside flap is too  close to the electric heater . Don't want any melting.


 Dash apart  - Now its back together  fortunately

 Dash switch installed
 And will connect here to a new connector to the micro switch
And finally re- mounted back , with the 144v cable

 Got the two trays for the undercar batteries & started on the frame. One was too high ( rear) so again needed to re-think & decided to mount these 10  (not 14)  like those in the front tray of 10, on their side. Now need to find a spot for a further 4 batteries - will probably use space in engine bay.

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