Sunday, 26 May 2013

Kick off

Just starting  blog.
Car is a Daewoo Matiz 2002, 4 door. It has no power steering but did come with Air Co.
First image is of the 3 cylinder motor out of the car. This I did some 5 months ago but only just have tried to do a blog. Cousin Paul is my inspiration to do a blog, although my colleague in AEVA , Rob has a great blog - ,see
 My paltry effort I am doing as the AEVA web pages limit the number of images. Second image is the engine bay with the engine and gear box removed. Last one is of the plastic fuel tank dropped from where it under hung the rear seat area. This is an area I hope to put 24  of the 100ah batteries.
Will post more as things go on.  Will add images of motor and other components yet to go any where installation.