Sunday, 17 November 2013

Further progress

Inside the car - 240v conduit

How it looks with the caravan type socket in place of the petrol filler cap

Battery charger in position and to the right of frame is the 240v conduit & cable
Inside the car - these are the two glands for the Positive 144v cabling to the Emergency Stop switch
In engine bay  - this is the positive 144v cable and orange conduit coming from the underside of the car.
 Still have to pass the negative conduit & cable under the car from the battery pack.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Half shaft issues

Right side - 1/2 shaft in after modifying the motor support ( hidden)
Left side before CV & 1/2 shaft returned - at upper left is back side of gear box mount  filled with polyrethane
Right side  - from under car . The mounting plate had to be ground back slightly . Seems the engineer did not account for the fact that the CV steps out and get a little larger. All good now.
All good now.
Giving the gearbox new oil ! This is basically the end of the mechanical side.

Here is the engine bay again

2 months further on: hardly any progress

Battery frame & bits to go for galvanising

Battery frame

Motor hanging mount at top. Torque support nearest
After quite some time (2 months) , I figure it was time to update this blog.
First  piece of action was to get all the  welded bits etc. galvanised , both for the protection this will give but also from an aesthetic point of view.

after passivation
Here are the bits returned in gold passivation - Nice eh?
I got extra pieces of randon steel done as well - You never know!
 Note the motor support  - problems came later when I couldn't get the left side 1/2 shaft past this! Bugger!
 Battery  box - inside the  "runners" I have laid a strip of closed cell foam on the base  - the full length (20mm wide) and at each end.  

Mounted basically where the rear seats would have been. I also obtained some floor matting from a wrecker. This has been glued to the bare floor again , where the back seat was .
And here is what it might look more like once batteries are mounted.
The 20 mm closed cell foam is in the bottom of the guides (grey colour)