Sunday, 18 August 2013

Further Welding

Battery rack in build
Now at the stage of finishing the welding . The part below , is the bottom band that will mate with a further band to completely wrap the motor. Once bolted tight this should be sufficient to prevent the motor from moving (torque rotation). The support (blue steel) fixes to the original left & right engine mounts that I had stiffened by having them filled with polyurethane.

Having taken out the back seat , I have then framed up to take the 45 batteries . The original anchorage  points for the seat belts will be the fixing at the rear of the battery frame. The original seats had mounts at the front & I have two pieces of steel vertical to meet the frame (the red & orange g clamps hold the tops of those steel pieces that goes down to the front of what was the seat space).  
This is the view from the back of the car. I used 75x75  galvo box section to raise the rear of the frame up to the same height as the front.

How the batteries will sit & the plastic orange bits will act as hold downs

The above & this shot shows, more or less the completed frame . This will need to be passivated . I also got a lot of polyurethane pieces ( orange) these are about 22mm diam. & 27mm high with a hole in centre to take 8mm bolts. These will be perfect to hold 4 batteries at each corner , the bolt passing through an angle that will in turn be bolted to the outside of the battery frame similar to what I am demonstrating in the shot here.

This shot is again of the engine bay which I now have to decide how I will mount the electrics!

I have started with a template from cardboard and will see how I go from there. The cable laying on the card is the original accelerator cable. This will be used to connect up to a Hall Effect pot box.

Also , hard up on the right of this shot is the vacuum pump . Its not mounted - just lying there at the moment while I think about where it and a vacuum reservoir (from an alloy drink bottle) will be mounted eventually.  Probably on the right side of the engine bay as the brake servo is behind the brake master cylinder (has the orange cable presently wrapped around it.

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